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What Makes Us Different?

Pain Relief

"I understand that when a person is uncomfortable or in pain they want relief as soon as possible.
I will begin treatment on the first visit in an effort to give you that relief."
Get pain relief from a professional chiropractor.

Dr Peter J. Stanton Chiropractor for Burke, Fairfax, Springfield, Centreville Virginia

We won't keep you coming... we get you going!

Some chiropractic offices attempt to treat every patient for every problem for as many visits as possible. This is one reason why some patients are hesitant to try a chiropractor.

We don't blame you for being cautious. No matter what doctor you see, a consumer has the right to be informed about what you are getting and why. Dr. Peter J. Stanton is proud to provide chiropractic services to people in Burke, Fairfax, & Springfield get up and going!

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We get patients better FASTER than 95% of other chiropractors
(BCBS Stats. CareFirst)